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Bhutan Brief -- A quick and clear look into the Bhutanese Trade market.


The economy, one of the world's smallest and least developed, is based on agriculture and forestry, which provide the main livelihood for more than 60% of the population. Rugged mountains dominate the terrain and make building travel infrastructure expensive. The economy is closely aligned with India's through strong trade and monetary links and dependence on India's financial assistance. The industrial sector is technologically behind, however, and most development projects, such as road construction, rely on Indian migrant labor. Model education, social, and environment programs support development, but also protect the country's environment and cultural traditions. Complicated controls and uncertain policies in areas such as industrial licensing, trade, labor, and finance continue to hamper foreign investment. Hydropower exports to India have boosted Bhutan's overall growth, and new hydropower projects will be the driving force behind Bhutan's ability to create employment and sustain growth in the coming years.

GDP (official exchange rate): $2.196 billion (2012 est.)
GDP per capita: $6,800 (2012 est.)
Exchange Rate: 53.45 ngultrum (BTN) per US dollar
Population: 725,296 (July 2013 est.)

Phone Codes:

Country Code: 975
Outgoing International Code: 00

Market Research:

CIA - The World Factbook - Bhutan
This website indicates a wide range of detail information about Bhutan by introducing under 8 different fields as its geography,people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, transnational issues.

Bhutan - World Bank Group
In this website, it is available to find out a country brief, development data and country assistance strategy sponsored by World Bank Organization for Bhutan.

Trade in Bhutan
Asiatradehub offers not only a tradeleads directory for Brutan but also trade gallery of Bhutan, B2B business portals offers products from Asian Countries to world wide consumers.

U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs, Washington - Bhutan
The Consular Information Sheet for Bhutan provided by the US Consular Bureau aims to indicate database analysis about Bhutan's political, social & economic environment informing the US investors.

Trade Information

Bhutan Government Ministries
There is listed the government ministries of Bhutan including the opportunity of accession to their webpage portals.

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